President's Message -  
   Smt. Varsha Praful Patel :  
This is an era of Hi-tech Science and Technology and we are in the 21st Century. However, apart from our cities, these changes have not come about. Our founder, Late Shri Manoharbhai Patel though deprived of even primary education, endeavored throughout his life time to bring education to the masses.
The College offers complete professionalism of an urban education and healthy atmosphere of the countryside. The facilities whether related to education are constantly updated and upgraded. Moreover, there are several sports and extra- , curricular, activities. We don't just intend to produce brilliant professionals, but also individuals with confident and all-round personality.
  Vice President's Message -  
  Mr. Mukesh N. Patel  
We are constantly observing the phenomenal change in the education scenario. The change has been both in terms of the content as well as the reach. There has been a great spurt in the number of colleges catering to number of aspirants. In fact, this has been a very crucial moment for us in taking important and far reaching decisions to provide what is much needed for the students of our region.
We have stepped in to meet the present day academic milieu for the student community. The idea is to create opportunities in various field by incorporating latest specialities of learning. The latest advances in technology have provided a great impetus in designing & delivering innovative ways of learning. 
We invite you to join us in our endeavor to create a knowledge based information society that fortifies the Intellectual, Physical and Mental dimensions of individuals.
Director's Message :-  
  Dr. Vikas P. Dhomne  
J. M. Patel College of Arts, Commerce, Science & Management is not only one of the largest Post Graduate Study Centre in the region, it is also a leading academic institution providing high quality education -a fact that is reflected in the excellent A++ grade awarded to the institution by NMC.
In a short span the college has emerged as a premier centre of learning Vidarbha, thanks to the devotion and ze9 its staff, the energy, commitment and high quality service of its faculty and above all the vision, selfless support and whole hearted involvement of the management.
In the era of information technology as the world is moving towards "Knowledge Society", we endeavor to shoulder our share of building a community of young citizens who will ..I confidently and competently stride in to the world after their years in this college.'. this end we dedicate our efforts and ideas.
 The Gondia Education Society : -  
Being aware of the fact that knowledge leads man into the realm of heavenly bliss, Late Manoharbhai Patel felt an urge to ameliorate the lot of people of the Bhandara District in this direction. When this idea dawned upon him, Bhandara district was lagging far behind the other regions of Maharashtra in the field of education. In order to realise his dreams, he began
to seek advice and cooperation of other like-minded people in the district. As a result of his untiring efforts, The Gondia Education Society was formed in 1958 and set up its first degree college for Arts & Commerce at Gondia, called NMD College. In a brief span of forty years, the society has been able to establish a network of 14 degree colleges, 12 Junior Colleges and 12 high schools. This speaks volumes of the rising spirit of the Education Society .However, an effort is on at college levels to introduce newer courses. The Gondia Education Society is contributing enormously to the field of education and thus rendering a yeoman's service to the society in general
 A Brief History :-  
J. M. Patel College at Bhandara is a premier institution not only of the Gondia Education Society but also of the Nagpur University , and in the region as well. In order to spread the light of knowledge and education lit by Late Manoharbhai Patel, and to make it more pervasive, Late Natwarlal Patel came forward with all his generous contribution. Consequently, J. M. Patel College was set up in 1964 in the pious memory of Late Shri Natwarlal Patel's father Late Shri Jashbhai Muljibhai Patel. It is worth mentioning that this college started as only Arts & Commerce College in the beginning. But thanks to unbounded zeal of the management, the principal and staff and other well wishers of the institution, it has enormously risen almost to great heights within a short span of only four decades. Now this college imparts education in various disciplines like Arts, Commerce and Science upto the Post Graduation Level. In order to enable the people of the district keep pace with the business world and the growing market, this college started the Diploma Course in Business Management in the session 1984-85 in the new 'Department of Management Sciences & Research Centre'.